Food Exhibition – Kinderway Packaging at FBIF Exhibition in Shanghai 2024

Jul 5, 2024

FBIF Exhibition

Kinderway Packaging attended the food exhibition FBIF 2024 in ShangHai from 25-27th June.

Food and Beverage Innovation Forum (FBIF) has become one of the most influential food-industry events in the Asia-Pacific region.

FBIF, founded in 2014 by Simba Events, is dedicated to sharing global successful business cases and concepts and technologies that are endowed with innovative concepts and thus help industry leaders gain insights about future trends and promote the development of the food and beverage industry.

Kinderway Packaging at Food Exhibition FBIF 2024

Kinderway Packaging proudly participated in the food exhibition FBIF held in Shanghai from June 25th to 27th, 2024.

The renowned American graphic designer Milton Glaser, who designed iconic logos such as “I Love New York,” once said, “There are three responses to a piece of design—yes, no, and wow. Wow is the one to aim for.”

In today’s increasingly crowded consumer goods market, packaging serves as the window connecting products with consumers.

It can provide the most direct visual stimulation and quickly and intuitively convey product features and brand stories to consumers.

However, whether it’s on the dazzling supermarket shelves or the overwhelming e-commerce pages, how can you capture a consumer’s attention in that brief 0.2-second glance? How can you make them stop searching, pause their scrolling, develop an interest in your product, and even make an immediate purchase?

At this food exhibition, Kinderway showcased our latest and most popular flexible packaging and plastic products to customers.

The diverse range of samples, unique design concepts, exquisite printing, and cutting-edge recyclable packaging attracted a large number of visitors.

Our exclusive popsicle bags, in particular, garnered a tremendous amount of attention and won over countless fans.

The ice pop bags are designed to be opened in two ways. When the jelly is at normal temperature, consumers can suck it directly from the spout. After freezing, the bag can be torn open and enjoyed like an ice pop.

ice pop bags

Not only did the ice pop bags attract attention, but the spout pouches for baby food, coffee bags, easy tear films, hot-stamping pouches, and plastic products like spout and caps, cups, rail, and electrical parts also captivated the visitors.

Each of these innovative packaging solutions showcased our commitment to quality and design, drawing interest from everyone who saw them.

The Coming Packaging Exhibition: Fi Europe 2024

As a leading player in the flexible packaging industry, Kinderway Packaging is committed to innovation, sustainability, and excellence. KDW will participate in the Fi Europe 2024 in Germany.

This Packaging Exhibition provides an exceptional opportunity for us to showcase our latest packaging solutions, connect with industry peers, and explore new business opportunities.

We are delighted to extend a sincere invitation to you to join us at the 2024 Fi Europe in Germany. The exhibition will take place from Nov. 19th to 21st, 2024 at the Messe Frankfurt, booth No. 3.0M82. And we believe your presence would greatly enhance the event.

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