Innovative Ice Cream Packaging Ensuring Your Favorite Life

Dec 19, 2023

Enjoy ice cream brings joy to both young and old. Beyond the creamy flavors, ice cream packaging is also creative.

Ice cream packaging designers find new ways to market and protect the ice cream. They make packaging that attracts customers with bright colors and pictures of flavors.
ice cream cone packaged

The Magic of Ice Cream Packaging

From classic tubs to inventive cones, ice cream packaging is more than a protective layer. Ice cream packaging become a creative art. Designers make the ice cream packaging part of enjoying the frozen treat. They shape the packaging in fun, unique ways that attract customers.

Ice Cream Pouch

Ice cream pouch unlike traditional ice cream containers or tubs, ice cream pouches are flexible and often come in a single-serving format. These pouches are typically made from materials that provide a barrier against moisture, light, and air to maintain the freshness and quality of the ice cream.

Ice Cream Pouch

  • Single-Serve
    Ice cream pouches are often designed for single servings
  • Flexible
    They are made from flexible materials, allowing them to be easily squeezed to dispense the ice cream.
  • Resealable Closure
    Many ice cream pouches come with resealable closures, allowing consumers to enjoy the ice cream in multiple sittings.
  • Portability
    The flexible and lightweight nature of ice cream pouch makes them highly portable.
  • Visual Appeal
    The ice cream pouch is designed to catch people’s eyes. Bright colors and fun pictures make the ice cream pouch look interesting and delicious. This helps get customers to choose them over other frozen treats.
  • Sustainable ice cream packaging
    As eco-consciousness grows, so does the importance of sustainable ice cream packaging.
    Some ice cream pouches are made to be environmentally friendly. They use materials that are better for the planet Or have packaging that can be recycled. And this is the packaging trend.

The typical material of ice cream pouches is BOPP/pearlized film or BOPP/VMCPP. The BOPP provides excellent glossiness, high-quality printing, and good cold endurance.

Ice Cream Wrapping

For ice cream, especially ice cream cones with delicate waffle textures, individual wrappers are often used to maintain the cone’s structural integrity and protect it from breakage.

Ice cream cone wrappers can include branded packaging with unique designs, logos, and colors that distinguish one brand from another on store shelves.

With increasing environmental awareness, some ice cream manufacturers are exploring eco-friendly wrapping options, such as biodegradable or compostable materials.

ice cream wrappingTypically, ice cream wrappers are made from a laminated/multi-layered material consisting of Gloss Varnish-AL//PE//Paper.

A gloss-varnished Aluminum foil (AL) outer layer for protection, printing of graphics, text, and branding information, and barriers.

A polyethylene (PE) middle layer acts as an adhesive to composite the AL and paper.

An inner fundamental paper layer.

This multi-material laminate construction gives the wrappers several key properties:

  • Stiffness/rigidity for maintaining their shape during packaging and storage of the ice cream.
  • Excellent print quality for branding.
  • High water resistance from the aluminum foil barriers to prevent sogginess.

Ice Cream Cups

An ice cream cup is designed for single servings with disposable or semi-disposable.

It is portability, and often used for individual servings at events or parties.

Ice cream cups offer portioned scoops of frozen dessert in a sealed paper or plastic container for convenient single-serve enjoyment.

ice cream cups

Ice Cream Cartons or Tubs

Ice cream cartons or tubs offer half-gallon to gallon sizes of frozen desserts in a reusable cardboard container ideal for multi-serving home enjoyment.

They are made of sturdy paper or plastic containers with lids, suitable for multi-serving quantities.

ice cream tubs

Ice Cream Pints

Ice cream pints provide portioned 1/2 quart servings in rigid packaging, offering versatility for both single and shared consumption.

They are smaller-sized containers typically holding a pint (16 ounces) of ice cream.

Ice cream pints

What Ice Cream Suppliers Can do?

As one of the ice cream suppliers, KDW contributes to the ice cream industry and provides valuable solutions for ice cream packaging:

  • Innovative Packaging Designs
  • Flexible Pouches
  • Sustainable Packaging Options
  • Customized Branding
  • Resealable Packaging
  • Portion-Controlled Packaging
  • Collaboration for New Product Launches
  • Compliance and Safety Standards
    By offering innovative, sustainable, and customizable packaging solutions, helps the ice cream manufacturer meet the evolving demands of the market.

Tips to Create the Best Custom Ice Cream packaging

Creating the best custom ice cream packaging solutions requires a combination of creativity, functionality, and an understanding of market trends.

Focus on Capture Visual Interest

Packaging design is not just for product storage – it should also act as a form of marketing to entice customers to purchase during shopping.

The packaging attracts attention and draws eyes to the product on shelves. An appealing visual design helps convey the benefits and quality and motivates an impulse buy.

With strategic packaging optimization, we can increase sales by making products highly visible and desirable at the point of purchase. The right aesthetic cues can transform packaging from inert casing into a sales tool.

Don’t Lose Sight of What Your Brand Stands for

Remember what your brand stands for. Don’t lose focus just to be different from others.

The packaging will catch people’s eyes but also stay true to your brand. The design must look exciting without changing who you are. We want people to notice it right away but also understand what your brand is about.

There’s a sweet spot between standing out and representing you well. Our goal is packaging that shows off your product in an interesting way while still feeling like your real brand.

Customers will like that it catches their attention without being odd or confusing for your company.

Ensure Packaging Details Match the Actual Product

The information on the packaging should accurately inform customers about what they are buying and why they should buy it. The messaging printed on the outside should also reflect the actual product, otherwise you risk losing customers.

Packaging is one of the first things customers see, so it’s important to build trust by providing clear, honest claims that match the product inside. Vague or misleading info could confuse buyers or set false expectations.

Always ensure the packaging genuinely communicates the product benefits without exaggeration. Be straightforward so people feel they understand exactly what they are purchasing before they get home. This transparency will help gain loyal, repeat customers for your brand.

Consider Sustainability

Explore and offer sustainable packaging options.

Consider materials that are recyclable, compostable, or made from renewable resources.

Eco-friendly options resonate with buyers focused on green values.

Ensure Functional Features

  • Emphasize practical qualities like re-closing ability, single-serve sizes, and effortless unsealing.
  • Focus on performance attributes such as spill-resistance, stackability, and child-proofing.
  • Highlight ease-of-use aspects such as peelable lids, easy-grip sides, and pour spouts.
  • Stress convenience facets including re-sealability between uses, compact contours, and one-handed opening.
  • Concentrate on usability features helping the customer consume cleanly and conveniently.

The sense is to emphasize design aspects that make the product handier and easier for the consumer to use.

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