TOP 10 Flexible Packaging Companies Worldwide

Mar 19, 2024

Flexible packaging is a type of packaging material characterized by its elasticity and flexibility, providing effective protection during the transportation and logistics process.

Compared to rigid packaging such as glass bottles or metal cans, flexible packaging offers greater adaptability to the changing shapes of products, thus preventing damage during handling and transportation.

Common materials used for flexible packaging include but are not limited to, plastic films and paper bags, which can be either single-material or composite.

Additionally, the structure of flexible packaging typically consists of multiple layers, including a sealing layer, a mechanical layer, a barrier layer, an adhesive layer, and a visual layer.

These different layers provide flexible packaging with additional functionalities and characteristics, such as lightweight, pressure resistance, heat-sealing capability, and resealability.
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However, the difficulty lies in locating the appropriate flexible packaging company to meet your requirements. Even searching for “flexible packaging companies near me” would generate numerous results to sift through.

To facilitate your search, here are a few reputable brands you might want to explore.

Flexible Packaging Companies Worldwide

Kinderway Packaging

KDW – Xiamen Kinderway Packaging Co., Ltd

Xiamen Kinderway Packaging Co., Ltd is a dedicated packaging company with expertise in crafting personalized flexible packaging solutions. KDW specializes in providing a wide array of tailored packaging options to meet diverse needs.

The subsidiary corporation DeGuan Technology, specializes in the design and manufacture of injection molds and plastic parts. This partnership enhances KDW’s ability to deliver high-quality spout pouches promptly, bolstering overall capabilities and service offerings.

KDW offers a wide range of packaging solutions for food products ( such as baby food, frozen food, retort food, snacks and confectionery, sauce and condiments, agricultural products, and more ), beverages, personal care, and home products.

They have a presence on the global level, with offices across Western Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Oceania.

Kinderway also promotes circular economy practices and has implemented various initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint, making it a key player in the flexible packaging market due to its focus on sustainability, global reach, and product innovation.

Establishment 1997
Headquarter Xiamen, China
Main Products Flexible Packaging, Plastic Products
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Amcor Limited

Amcor Plc is a global manufacturer in developing and producing responsible packaging for food, beverage, pharmaceutical, medical, home and personal care, and other products. They focus on sustainability and innovation in packaging design.

Establishment 1896
Headquarter Zurich, Switzerland
Main Products Flexible Packaging, Plastic Bottles, Blister, Equipment

Sealed Air

Sealed Air specializes in protective packaging and food packaging solutions. Their products include shrink films, pouches, and barrier packaging for food preservation and protection.

Establishment 1960
Headquarter North Carolina, United States
Main Products Cryovac food packaging, Bubble Wrap

Berry Global Group, Inc.

Berry Global is a key player in the manufacturing of innovative packaging and engineered products and produces a diverse range of flexible packaging solutions, including films, pouches, and specialty coatings. They serve industries such as healthcare, food and beverage, personal care, and industrial packaging.

Establishment 1967
Headquarter Indiana, United States
Main Products Bags, Bottles, Building Materials

Mondi Limited

Mondi Group is a leading provider of paper and packaging solutions, including flexible packaging for food, pet care, and personal care products, corrugated packaging, and uncoated fine paper. They offer a uniquely broad range of innovative products and tailored solutions to make more sustainable packaging and paper choices.

Establishment 1967
Headquarter Weybridge, United Kingdom
Main Products Corrugated Packaging, Flexible Packaging, Uncoated Fine Paper

Huhtamaki PPL Limited

Huhtamaki is a provider of sustainable packaging solutions, including paper-based packaging, flexible films, and molded fiber products. And specializing in specialized food packaging and sustainable solutions for food and drink, coffee, pet food, barrier packaging, retort pouches, and pharmaceutical products.

Establishment 1935
Headquarter Espoo, Finland
Main Products Barrier Packaging, Pharmaceutical Products Packaging, Food and Drink Packaging

DS Smith Plc

DS Smith is a leading provider of sustainable packaging solutions, paper products, and recycling services. They are famous for their sustainable packaging solutions.

Establishment 1940
Headquarter London, United Kingdom
Main Products Paper Products Packaging, Recycling Packaging

Danaflex Group

Danaflex Packaging is the producer of flexible packaging for confectionery, snacks, fats and oils, groceries, hygiene, coffee, tea, and other FMCG products.

Establishment 2001
Headquarter Tatarstan, Russia
Main Products Flexible Packaging

Constantia Flexibles

Constantia Flexibles is a major player in consumer and pharmaceutical flexible packaging. The company is divided into three segments: food, pharma, and labels.

Establishment 2004
Headquarter Vienna, Austria
Main Products Food Packaging, Pharma Packaging, Labels

Clondalkin Group

Bak Ambalaj Sanayi ve Ticaret A S offers various options that include rotogravure and flexo printed, solvent-based, and solvent-free laminated products on flexible films, with heat-sealable coatings and varnishes.

Establishment 1973
Headquarter Izmir, Turkey
Main Products Flexible Films

These companies are recognized for their expertise, innovation, and provision of high-quality flexible packaging solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

Of course, there are many more professional flexible packaging companies waiting for us to discover.

We can choose suppliers that best suit our own needs.

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