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A remarkable brand presentation commences with the art of packaging.

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Choose the right packaging suppliers for your remarkable brand which presentation commences with the art of packaging. It is through packaging that the essence of a brand is encapsulated, capturing the attention and imagination of discerning consumers. A well-crafted packaging design not only serves as a vessel for the product but also embodies the brand’s values, personality, and story. It evokes emotions, creates a sense of anticipation, and leaves a lasting impression. With meticulous attention to detail, superior craftsmanship, and innovative aesthetics, our packaging solutions transcend mere functionality, transforming into captivating works of art that resonate with the target audience. By harmonizing visual appeal, tactile experiences, and strategic messaging, we curate unforgettable brand experiences that elevate perceptions, foster loyalty, and establish a lasting connection between the brand and its discerning consumers.

Packaging Solutions

A wide array of pouch types are available to cater to the diverse packaging requirements of various items.

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Packaging Industries


Sauces & Condiments

Darily Products

PET Foods

Powdered Products

Retort Foods

Frozen Foods

Agricultural Products

Snacks & Confectionery

Beverage & Baby Foods

Personal Care Products

Household Products

Health Products


Bag in Box

Medicine Products

Medical Devices

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Sustainablity Packaging Solutions

By choosing sustainability packaging, businesses can contribute to a greener future, meet consumer expectations, comply with regulations, and achieve long-term economic benefits. It is a proactive step towards building a more sustainable and resilient business model.

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Our Services

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KDW’s team of experts excels in crafting high-quality and innovative packaging solutions that enhance product presentation, functionality, and brand identity.

Our services with customized design, the independent ability of research and development, strict quality control and sufficient capacity, etc, please contact us for more services we can supply.

Customized Design


Reserch & Development




Sufficient Capacity


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customers review

“One aspect that truly stood out during our partnership was your unwavering commitment to timeliness. I greatly appreciate how you consistently delivered the packaging products on schedule, ensuring that our production timelines were met without any disruptions. Your punctuality demonstrated a high level of reliability, and it allowed us to meet our own customer’s expectations with ease. Kinderway is always my trusted partner and friend. Cheers!!”

John Allen


“I must applaud the quality of your pouch & film used in the packaging. The durability and reliability of your packaging solutions have exceeded my expectations. Not only did they effectively safeguard our products during transit, but they also reflected the premium nature of our brand. The application of your recyclable products further demonstrates your commitment to eco-friendly & sustainability, which aligns perfectly with our values. We would love the opportunity to create more innovative packaging solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend Kinderway to any individual or business in need of top-notch packaging services.”

Gerald SG

Purchaser Manager

“I would like to emphasize that the services provided by Kinderway were of exceptional quality. In the process of our cooperation, whether it is Artwork, technical knowledge, production lead time, or logistics shipment, we can always receive Kinderway’s quick response and support! It’s further strengthened our trust and confidence in your company. Thank you my friend.”

Megan Brinton

Buyer Engineer


Our expert teams here to help you solve any questions.

Here for more questions.

How To Place An Order?
  • Send your detail requirements of the pouch and what is goint to pack.
  • Prove the sample pouch and PI.
  • Start the prodcution.
  • Shipping.
What is your minimum order quantities?
Our general MOQ for pouch is 6000 sq.m. The MOQ are set for the benefit of our customers to help save on costs. Please contact us for more smaller order if neceressary.
How long for production time?

The production time is depend on order quantity and pouch types. For example, for rewind film, 3 weeks to new order and 2 weeks to old order. For spout pouch, 5 weeks to new order and 4 weeks to old order. Please contact us if you have any doubt on production time.

Do you accept trail run order?
Before mass production, we will send the samples to check and prove then produce. Trail run order is absolutely accepted.
What mode of transportation do you use?

Express, sea and air transportation are both available.

How to Obtain the Pouches you Desire?


Get in touch with us

Tell us your demands and basic info, our specialist will serve you for the next step.


Design your pouch

Let’s design the pouch with our expert team, place the order once you confirm the price.



Ship via the way you designated prefer to after production.

Start With KDW

Please contact us for more info of the flexible packaing, our expert term will get in touch with you timely.

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