Advanced Facilities & Sufficient Capacity

KDW possesses a wide array of state-of-the-art facilities , including advanced film blowing machines, printing equipment, laminating machines, slitting machines, bag-making machines, injection molding machines, and quality inspection devices. These cutting-edge machinery ensures that our bags are delivered to customers with the highest standards of quality and reliability, meeting diverse requirements from different clients.

Our Film Blowing Equirements

Our film blowing machines serve as the foundation for providing essential materials such as PE (polyethylene) and CPP (cast polypropylene), significantly reducing lead times in pouch production.
3 layers film blowing 1

Coex-3 Layers Film Blowing

  • Automatic Resin Mixing
  • Online trim recycle
  • Produce PE film, CPP film in house
  • Capacity: 12,000 Tons/Year

Coex-5 Layers Film Blowing

  • Widely for high barrier requirements
5 layers film blowing 2
casting film

Casting Film / Sheet

Casting film machine, also known as a cast film extrusion machine or cast film line, is used to produce thin plastic films through the casting process.

  • Coex-3 layers Cast film – 1 Unit
  • Thermoform Sheets – 1 Unit
  • CPP/CPE film available
  • PP,PS,PLA sheets available
  • Capacity: 10,000 Tons/Year

Our Printing Equirements

Rotogravure printing, we use advanced printing machine-BOBST, improve the printing quality.
priting machine

Rotogravure Printing Machine

  • 10 colors printing machine – 6 unites
  • 9 colors printing machine – 1 unites
  • Automatic Ink Dispenser
  • Automatic Defect Detector
  • Automatic Viscosity Control
  • Capacity: 500 Million Meters/Year

Automatic Ink Dispensing System

Streamline and automate the ink preparation and mixing process, improving accuracy, efficiency, and productivity in printing operations.
automatic ink adjustment

Our Lamination Equirements

We employ various composite methods to meet the diverse requirements of different products. These different methods of composite manufacturing allow us to tailor the properties and characteristics of our products to specific needs.

  • Automatic Adhesive Mixing
  • Automatic Viscosity Control
  • Capacity: 530 Million Meters/Year
Electric thermostatic air drying oven

Dry Lamination

Dry lamination is involves bonding layers of materials together using a dry adhesive, typically in the form of a film or powder. This technique is commonly used in the printing and packaging industries to create laminated structures with enhanced strength, durability, and barrier properties.
Duplex : 6 Units

Solventless Lamination

Solvent-free lamination, is a method of bonding two or more materials together without the use of liquid adhesives that contain solvents. This technique is commonly used in the packaging and printing industries to create laminated structures with excellent adhesion, strength, and environmental friendliness.
Duplex : 3 Units
Gelbo Fiex Tester
Hot tack tester

Extrusion Lamination

Extrusion lamination is a process used to bond multiple layers of materials together using a molten polymer as the adhesive. It involves the simultaneous extrusion of a thin layer of molten polymer, typically polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP), between two or more webs of materials to create a laminated structure.
Single Extrusion : 1 Unit

Aging Room

An aging room, also known as a curing room or maturation room, is a controlled environment designed for the storage and aging of rewind printing films.

  • 8 Individual Aging Chambers
  • Automatic Bar-Code Control System
  • Automatic Aging Time Control
  • Automatic Temperature Control
Coefficient of friction tester

Our Slitting & Bag Making Equirements

Sufficient slitting machine and bag making machines to ensure our production capacity.
UV/Vis spectrophotometer


A slitting machine, also known as a slitter or slitting rewinder, is a piece of equipment used in various industries to cut large rolls of material into narrower widths.

  • Slitting Machine – 5 units
  • Laser Score – 4 units
  • Capacity: 300 Million Meter/Year

Bag Making

A bag making machine is used to manufacture various types of bags, such as plastic bags, paper bags, or flexible packaging bags.

  • Stand pouch, 3-Sides – 24 Units
  • Center Seal – 2 Units
  • Flat Bottom – 5 Units
  • Bag in Box – 1 Unit
  • Capacity: 300 Million Meter/Year
Fourier Infrared Spectrometer
Oxygen transmission rate tester

Spout Welding

Spout welding machine, also known as a spout insertion machine or spout sealing machine, is used in the packaging industry to seal or weld spouts onto flexible packaging materials, such as pouches or bags.

  • Auto central spout welding – 20 Units
  • Auto corner spout welding – 4 Units
  • Manual spout welding – 90 Units
  • Capacity: 500Million PCS/Year

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