What is PS Sheet?

PS sheet refers to a sheet made from Polystyrene (PS), which is a versatile thermoplastic polymer.

PS sheets are widely used in various industries for their excellent clarity, rigidity, and ease of processing.

They are available in different forms, including solid sheets, foamed sheets, and embossed sheets, each with specific properties and applications.

Polystyrene Sheet
Usage Temperature
Common Thickness
High rigidity and stiffness
Versatile processing
Excellent water resistance
Widely usede for lamination

PS Sheet Features

ps plastic sheet
  • Generates minimal static charge, making it suitable for packaging static-sensitive products.
  • Readily vacuum formable to create durable, impact-resistant shapes and containers through thermoforming.
  • Demonstrates excellent hygienic properties as it can be used in direct contact with foodstuffs without imparting harmful chemicals.
  • Easily colorable through the addition of pigments to produce materials in a wide array of hues for enhanced aesthetic appeal.
  • Exhibits high rigidity even at reduced thicknesses, allowing thermoforming of sturdy drinking vessels and other formed parts.
  • Meets environmental standards as its waste can be recycled or incinerated without releasing toxic emissions, supporting sustainability goals.

What is PS Sheet Used For?

PS plastic sheet is a versatile thermoplastic material commonly used for thermoforming a wide variety of products. As a rigid yet impact-resistant solid plastic, it lends itself well to food packaging and laboratory equipment applications.

When combined with colorants, additives, or other polymers, polystyrene can be thermoformed into single-use food containers, protective trays for electronics, children’s toy packaging, folding cartons, cup lids, plant pots, and more.

Its hardness and moldability make it well-suited for short-term use items.

  • Food Packaging: PS food containers and clamshell packaging are used for foods like hamburgers, sandwiches, salads, etc. to help keep food fresh and leak-proof.
  • Signage and displays: Thin PS sheets can be cut, formed, and decorated for use in signage, displays, exhibition booths, and other promotional materials.
  • Medical and healthcare: PS is used to make cast molds, orthopedic braces, medical device packaging, and other healthcare products.
  • Packaging materials: PS sheets are often used to make protective packaging for electronics, appliances, fragile items, etc. due to their ability to cushion and protect items from damage. Expanded PS is commonly used to make packing peanuts.
food container

PS Sheet Thermoforming Packaging

Thermoforming packaging is a way to make custom plastic containers and trays. Workers start with a flat sheet of plastic like polystyrene or polyethylene.

They heat the plastic until it is soft and bendy. Then they use air or vacuum machines to push the warm plastic into shapes. The plastic cools down and gets hard in the new form.

This process lets them easily make packaging that fits products exactly. Common items made with thermoforming include food containers, drink cups, electronics trays, and blister packs for small items.

Thermoforming is good for high-volume production because the plastic shapes are all the same. It wastes less plastic than cutting out each piece by hand. The formed plastic is rigid so it protects what’s inside.

Thermoforming packaging

Cheese Stick Thermoforming Packaging

Kinderway has invented a unique cheese packaging solution that draws customers’ attention through its distinctive design and vibrant printing.

  • The packaging features an easy-open functionality suitable for both young and old. It thermoforms efficiently into complex three-dimensional shapes using multi-layer co-extruded films.
  • Specifically, the packaging utilizes structured material combinations such as PET/PS/peelable PE-EVOH, PET/PS/peelable PP-EVOH, and CPP/PS/peelable PE-EVOH.
  • This multi-material approach allows for outstanding print definition and barrier properties to extend the cheese’s shelf-life for 6-12 months at refrigerated temperatures.
  • The peelable inner seal provides tamper evidence while protecting the cheese from dehydration and microbial contamination. Meanwhile, the outer layers and three-dimensional formation lend visual appeal to store shelves.

By implementing innovative packaging films and thermoforming techniques, Kinderway has created an eye-catching cheese package that protects product quality for extended periods through optimal barrier performance and user-friendly opening.

Its unique design is sure to capture customers’ attention in-store through vibrant graphics and an engaging shape.

cheese packaging

PS Sheet Manufacturer – Kinderway Packaging

Kinderway stands as your reliable partner in material solutions, providing not only quality sheets but also the adaptability needed to address the unique challenges of your industry.

Partner with us for seamless integration of customized PS and PP sheets into your projects, backed by our commitment to excellence.

semi-rigid sheets machine

At Kinderway Packaging, we take pride in our state-of-the-art sheet extrusion machinery ( semi-rigid sheets machine ) that empowers us to produce high-quality Polystyrene (PS) sheets and Polypropylene (PP) sheets.

Our customizable colors, dimensions, and thicknesses, cater to the diverse needs of various industries. With an annual production capacity of 10,000 Tons, we are committed to delivering top-notch sheet materials tailored to your specifications.

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