Pet Food Packaging

  • Pet food packaging is as important as all food-grade packaging, proper pet food packaging is essential for ensuring quality, maintaining freshness, and extending product shelf life.
  • KDW have rich experience in pet food packaging production, From flat bottom pouches to quad seal pouches, high volume kibble pouches to specialty pouches for treats, KDW also provides suggestion with Material structure and divine design.
  • KDW has invested in a large bag machine, suitable for the laminated film with 80~200microns thickness, 3-sides Seal Bag / Quad Seal Bag / Flat Bottom Bag capability, max dimensions are Length 1000mm, Width 420mm, Gusset 200mm. The pet food packaging can accommodate a wide range of weights, ranging from 2 to 50 kilograms.

To See How our Pet Food Packaging
Fresh your Products

Different material structures can have a significant impact on the performance of a bag. When it comes to choosing the right packaging for your pet foods, selecting a material structure that is suitable is crucial. The type of material used in the bag can affect its durability, barrier properties, and overall quality.

For example, pet food packaging made with a multi-layer structure, consisting of layers such as PET, AL, and PE, can provide excellent barrier properties against moisture, oxygen, and other external factors, such as PET/AL/NY/PE. On the other hand, pet food packaging made with a single-layer structure, such as LDPE, may have lower barrier properties that are not suitable for pet food packaging but can still be suitable for certain products such as snacks or confectionery.

It is also important to consider the overall design and intended use of the pet food packaging. For products that require a longer shelf life, a material structure with excellent barrier properties is ideal. For products that require high-impact resistance, a material structure with a thicker layer of PE can provide added durability.

It is important to carefully consider the intended use and requirements of the pet food packaging to ensure that the selected material structure meets the necessary criteria.

Structure of Pet Food Packaging

  • NY / White PE
  • PET / White PE
  • PET / MPET / PE
  • PET / AL / NY / PE
  • MDOPE / PE-EVOH / PE: enhanced barrier
  • MDOPE / PE
  • MDOPE / BOPE / PE:widely use for heavy duty
  • PET / AL / NY / RCPP:widely use for gravies, stews

Additional Options for Pet Food Packaging

hang hole for pouch

Hang Hole for Pouch

Widely used for the products hanging on the shelves directly.

  • Euro hole
  • Carry hole
  • Round hole
tear notch for pouch

Tear Notch for Pouch

Some types of tear notch for easy tear.

  • “–” type notch
  • Normal type notch
  • Dot notch
  • Laser Score: linear tearing
hang hole for pouch

Window for Pouch

Allow consumers to see the product inside,  give consumers a sense of transparency and help to build trust with the brand.

  • Normal type
  • Tailored

Sealing for Pet Food Packaging

  • PTC zipper: Widely use for most of pouches
  • Butterfly zipper/pocket zipper/Front zipper: To showcase your brand permanently
  • Velcro zipper: Widely used for products with low barrier requirements
  • Slider zipper: Barrier property higher than Velcro zipper
Zipper types

3 Popular Packaging Solutions for
Pet Food

Maintain freshness, bags & pouches cannot been pierced after dropped, let’s choose the well-suitable packaging for our pet foods.
pet foods packaging

Flat Bottom Bags

PET Foods & Freeze-dried Treats ask bulk packing, oiliness, retain freshness.
A Flat Bottom Bag satisfied these requirements.

stand up pouch for pet food

Stand Up Pouches

PET Jerky ask retain freshness, puncture resistance.
Gravies and stews ask high barrier and freshness.
Stand Up Pouch is available.

rewind film

Fin Seal pouches

PET Nutrition Strip is wet, oiliness, ask retain freshness and easy to tear.
Fin seal pouch / Lap seal pouch is a good choice.

Innovate Large Bags for Pet Food

We are excited to announce our latest innovation tailored specifically for owners of large dog breeds such as Golden Retrievers, Border Collies, Labradors, and other similar breeds. Understanding the unique needs of pet owners and their beloved companions, we have developed a range of large pet food bags designed to meet the requirements of these energetic and growing dogs.
Our large bag pet food bags offer :

  • Bag length from 400 to 1000mm
  • Bag width from 200 to 420mm
  • Bottom & Side from 90 to 200mm
  • Suitable for laminated film with 80~200microns thickness
  • Bag types including: 3-Sides Seal Bag, Quad Seal Bag, Flat-Bottom Bag
  • Fitments including Press-to-Close zipper(Standard zipper), Aplix zipper, Slider zipper, and Built-In Handle on side gusset

Other Packaging Solutions may Suitable for your Products

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is kind of packaging generally used for pet foods?

For pouch packaging solution, stand up pouch, flat bottom pouch, quad seal pouch, fin seal pouch are the common packaging way. We can choose different pouches according to different pet foods.

Can we tailor the pouch packaging?

Yes, we accept all parts of pouch customized, such as size, sharp, design, spout, even materials. Please do not hesitant to contact us to design your own pouches.

Are the pouch packaging safe for pet foods?

All of our pouches are making in GMP plant, with all food-grade certificates like FFSC2200, SMETA, HACCP, BRC etc…

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